Puglia, you have my heart

A couple of weeks ago, when all the Dutchies were suffering in shitty weather, I was exploring one of the most romantic countries of all times; Italy. And the region Puglia in particular. I never heard of it before, until my mom came up with it. And oh I can tell you, this place absolutely deserves a spot on your go-to-bucketlist or whatever list you’re having. It has been a while ago when I visited Italy for the last time and I almost hardly forgot how romantic all the streets are. No, actually everything really is.

If I ever get the chance to emigrate to other parts of the world, I definitely would like a house somewhere in Puglia.. (But moving to Italy is not much of a good idea though, since my Italian vocabulary not really going further than ciao, buongiorno and grazie. Definitely need to work on that thing first..).

However, I gave myself a little project during my time in Puglia. While I was strolling around I gave myself a limited storage on my camera for the week. Normally I would just click away, but I wanted to dare myself to look more properly so that I didn’t have to make a bunch of selections for days (so actually it was a practical and time-saving thing too). And well I can tell you, It is very hard by strolling around the little cities. Literally EVERYTHING is gorgeous and worth photographing. I think that the pictures will speak for itself, so if you’re curious now; go check it out here!!

Hope you’ll enjoy scrolling through my little travel journal!

With love,




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