Valentine's day is just around the corner

Earrings - Je suis Flore Green Cameo Pearl Earrings

Since Valentine's day is around the corner, you probably can't wait to be spoiled with love. Don't know what to give your love yet? For all the boys out there: here is the greatest tip of all. A girl can't have too many diamonds. She cannot have too much jewellery actually. So anything shiny would be perfect.

These statement earrings of Je Suis Flore are definitely a perfect gift and the best essentials to make every outfit look amazing! The bigger, the better and Floortje knows how to pull that off with her amazing designs. You'll be absolutely safe gifting one of her pieces to your lover or just to yourself (since self love is quite important and there is always a reason to think of spoiling yourself with presents). What is not to love?

So now, you know what you have to do. Visit to pick your fave design. And, if it helps by choosing: you'll find my fave one here.

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